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Training Tables

What is a Lifelink Training Table?

The Tables are a significant investment in training and equipping our churches. It will be accessible  within your current responsibilities, will strengthen your walk with the Lord, position you for increased spiritual maturity, and help form in you critical qualities that followers of Christ need for long-term fruitfulness. We are aiming for learning together as we’re leading together.

2022-23 Course:

The Holy Spirit, The Church, and The Mission of God

Text: Book of Acts

What is the overall structure of the training?

  • The emphasis will be on facilitated discussions to maximize our time together and provide an environment that prioritizes the understanding of the Scriptures and applying transformational principles to our lives. All materials will be available to the Interns at the completion of the course. Please come prepared to be actively engaged during our sessions.


Where and when?

The course will normally* be held twice a month. One gathering on the 2nd Saturday from 9:30am to 12pm, and then a small group study on the 4th Saturday. The sessions will be held at Christ Church between September 2022 and May 2023. 

*The course will start on the last Saturday in September.

What will it cost?

The entire 9 month course cost is $100 ($10 per month plus $10 for a

commitment deposit) which will cover tuition, in class materials, plus coffee and snacks.  If this is an obstacle please contact us for scholarship opportunities.



What is God's design for local churches and ministries working together to establish His Kingdom on earth?



Why is the table format key to unlock transformational growth in learners?



How do we bring the church before the throne in person and online at the same time?

Are you looking to be equipped and built up around the table?

Get in touch so we can know who to expect and order materials for you.

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