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Global Training Tables

What is the Lifelink Training Table?

The Tables are a significant investment in training and equipping leaders within our churches. It will be accessible  within your current responsibilities, will strengthen your walk with the Lord, position you for increased spiritual maturity, and help form in you critical qualities that Christians who serve in leadership roles need for long-term fruitfulness. We are aiming for learning together as we’re leading together.

What is the overall structure of the training?

  • Three terms, each eight weeks long. Commit to all three, or complete one at a time as you are able.

  • Each term will focus on a specific topic and a specific spiritual discipline. In addition to Scripture, there will be a core text, additional readings, and daily spiritual exercises.

  • Each week you’ll participate in one 90-minute gathering  with the emphasis on discussion rather than lecture.

  • At the close of each term, there will be a special Saturday intensive with either an author or expert on the topic.


Where and when?

For 2022, all groups for session 3 are being held on Zoom. All of the training tables will begin the week of April 3rd and will be 8weeks long.


  • Monday afternoon (1:45-3:15pm)

  • Monday evening (8:00-9:30pm)

  • Tuesday morning (9:30-11:00am)

  • Wednesday morning (6:00-7:30am)

  • Thursday evening (8:00-9:30pm)

  • Saturday morning (9:30-11:00am)

Which table will you join?

Get in touch so we can know who to expect and order materials for you.

Thanks for submitting!

01/March-April 2021

Reading the Bible as God’s true story for the whole world.

“Many of us have read the Bible as if it were merely a mosaic of little bits – theological bits, moral bits, historical-critical bits, sermon bits, devotional bits. But when we read the Bible in such a fragmented way we ignore its divine author’s intention to shape our live through its story.” (The Drama of Scripture; p. 14)

02/June-July 2021

The Formational Power

of Practice

“What is the center and seat of the human person is found not in the heady regions of the intellect but in the gut level regions of the heart? How would that change our approach to discipleship and Christian formation?”

(You Are What You Love; p.7)

03/April-May 2022

The Mission

of God’s People

When I speak of mission, I am thinking of all that God is doing in His great purpose for the whole of creation and all that He calls us to do in cooperation with that purpose.”

(The Mission of God’s People; p. 25)