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what we are

We are locally



  • The Holy Spirit uses the church as the method of His mission, establishing visible, testifying communities of Christ in all the earth.

  • Church is a family we belong to, not a meeting we attend.

  • Each ministry that is a part of Lifelink is unique and has its own character and mission.

  • God is on the move and every local ministry around the world plays a vital role in the advance of the Gospel.

No single church is the full expression of the Kingdom but every church serves the Kingdom.

We are relationally 

  •  As God brings us together we join in what He is doing as friends and partners. Our diversity in ministry and gifting is held in unity by our vision to build His Kingdom and not our own

  • We come alongside each other as         co-laborers in an apostolic partnership. Our relationship provides a framework for our mission together.

  • We recognize the gifting in one another as the provision for every ministry and God's governance. 

Friendship together is foundational to our work.

Play the video to hear more about Lifelink Partnership

We are globally connected

  • We relate as a family of disciples. Knowing one another in this way gives each of us perspective on what God is doing in the world and invigorates the passion for our part in His work.

  • We are sent to be ministers of reconciliation to all the nations and people groups of the world.

  • As a global network, we are able to build each other up, discern the activity of the Spirit across the nations, and collaborate on initiatives.

Reaching out with Christ's love is in our DNA.  

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