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Upcoming Trainings

Minnesota Training Tables

Weekend Internship

What is a training table?  

It's a practical training initiative.  It is at the heart of our calling as Lifelink Global to equip disciples of Christ in and for the Kingdom of God.  The intention is to provide a place to build relationships across churches while equipping everyone with biblical lenses to understand their lives in the context of God's work in this world.  This is for anyone in a church who has committed to following Jesus Christ and who desires to be better equipped to serve Him in their location and vocation.


What are we studying this year?

If we are going to be faithful followers of Jesus, we must recognize that we have a part to play in the church that Jesus is building.  If we are going to be effective leaders for Christ, we must also have a right understanding of the nature and purpose of His church. The Book of Ephesians reveals a compelling vision of the church, living as the people of God in the new world, created by the resurrecting power of the Spirit.


Where and when?  

The course will normally be held twice a month, a full group meeting on every 2nd Saturday from 9:30 am to 12 pm at Christ Church in Apple Valley, and a second gathering with smaller breakout groups at a time determined by your group.  


Interested?  Contact the Christ Church office  EMAIL

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