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What is the Weekend Bible Internship?

The Weekend Bible Internship is a practical training program.  it is at the heart of our calling as Lifelink churches to disciple teh nations and to train up followers of Christ in and for the Kingdom of God.  The intention is to provide every intern iwth the biblical lenses to understand their lives in the context of God's work in this world.

Who is it for?

Anyone in a church who has recognized a call of God on their lives and who desires to be better equipped to serve Him in their location and vocation.

What are the aims of the course?

Aim:  To develop the character and capacity for the interns attending, to better equip them to serve the Kingdom of God.

Outcomes:  As a result of participation in the Weekend Bible Internship this year, interns will:

Understand and appreciate the history of redemption and our role as the people of God in this time and place;

Understand and deepen in development of their character as it pertains to Christian leadership;

Gain fresh understanding of the Biblical Worldview and the ability to articulate the only secure answers to life's big questions;

Gain a foundational knowledge of the world's major religions in order to clarify the uniqueness of what we believe and deepen our empathy for other cultures to increase our Kingdom effectiveness;

Learn how to pass on teaching on the above core areas to others in their churches and elsewhere;

Understand and gain experience in being discipled by the Holy Spirit.

Where and when?

The course will normally* be held twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 9am to 12pm, between September 2019 and May 2020. Sessions will be held at the Christ Church building in Apple Valley,  12925 Johnny Cake Ridge Road. See dates.


*2 highlighted sessions will be 9-3 with lunch included.

What is the nature of course delivery and assignments?

The emphasis will be on facilitated discussions rather than a ‘chalk and talk’ presentation. As a group that has made a high level of extended commitment, our time together will be designed to deliver the information in a formational setting. Practical assignments (reading and devotional exercises) will be set in the context of life in home churches so that each course will be immediately applicable as well as foundational. It is hoped that each intern will be mentored throughout the year by a leader in their home church. Assignments will necessitate the intern spending time communicating with their mentor. A detailed aim and outcomes for each session, plus notes and a reading list will be sent to interns prior to each session. Please read these before coming to each session.

What will it cost?

The entire 9 month course cost is $100 ($10 per month plus $10 for a commitment deposit) which will cover tuition, in class materials, plus coffee and snacks.



Each intern who participates in the full 2 year program will receive a Lifelink Diploma in Bible. We will also have a recognition Sunday at the completion of each year.

Interested in joining the internship?  Please register here and we will contact you.

Sept (2).jpg
Finding Our Place in the Bible Story Pt 1


Josh Mitchell

Finding Our Place in the Bible Story Pt 2


Josh Mitchell

Untitled (20).jpg
Life with The Holy Spirit


Sam Rawley

Transmitting The Truth Today (9 am-3pm)


Dave Prince

Strengthen & Defend Our Biblical Faith


Cal Mader

What is truth?  What is purpose?  What is hope?


Cal Mader

Understanding Religions and Reaching Our Neighbor Pt 1


Josh Mitchell

Leadership (9 am-3 pm)


Javier Ulboldi

Understanding Religions and Reaching Our Neighbor Pt 2


Josh Mitchell

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